Annual fee for 2016

On 31 August, the secretariat sent out the annual fee letter to just under 20 000 companies within the accommodation, food service and cleaning industries. The payment is due 14... Read article

New brochure "Working in Norway - What you need to know"

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority has created a new brochure specifically aimed at, among others, people who are new to employment. The brochure also has useful... Read article

What are Regional Safety Representatives?

The regional safety representatives visit businesses in the accommodation, restaurant and cleaning industries in order to contribute to the establishment of a well-functioning safety work in line with the requirements of the Working Environment Act. For whom does the scheme apply, organization, overview of the regional safety representatives, their authority and tasks..
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The scheme is financed by a fee collected from companies in the affected industries.
You can calculate the fee and register the fee basis on our website
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Establishing the Regional Safety Representatives scheme 

The scheme was established by the government in cooperation with the social partners.The legal basis for the scheme and the fee is regulated by two sets of regulations under the Working Environment Act 

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Information brochure about the scheme and the fee.